Charvis Holifield

  • 6Wins
  • 2Losses
  • 1Draws
  • 4KO's

Charvis Holifield was born and raised in Fremont, Ohio and is no stranger to unarmed combat sports  with his dad being a taekwondo instructor, Holifield started training at the age of 4. He credits his father for being the driving force that pushed him into becoming a boxer. Holifield began boxing at the age of 8 with Buddy Laughlin at the Fremont Wreckers Boxing Club. After graduating high school and attending college at Bowling Green State University, where Holifield was pursuing a major in Sports Management, he realized that it wasn’t what he expected it to be. At that point he knew that boxing was his calling. Holifield considers boxing as the sport where it’s every man for himself. This is the reason his passion continues to grow, and he continues to box.

While in Ohio, Holifield participated in more than 70 fights as an amateur fighter, winning state and regional titles. After winning in the 141 lb. weight class and the Golden Boy of the Toledo Golden Gloves in 2003, Holifield then advanced to the National Golden Gloves Tournament where he fought and lost on the first day. This is when he was first introduced to Floyd Mayweather.  Floyd didn’t know who Holifield was at the time, and neither knew that they would cross paths many years later with Floyd being Holifield’s promoter.

After his loss at the National Golden Gloves Tournament, Holifield took interest in Northern Michigan University’s boxing program but was unsuccessful at getting accepted into the program. At that time he decided to take some time off from the sport. He eventually moved to Las Vegas with hopes of continuing his boxing career. However in 2011, his time in the city was cut short due to an orbital fracture. Holifield was forced to return back to Ohio, and eventually had to undergo surgery.  After a 2-year recovery, he came back stronger than ever, and was ready to make his move back to Vegas.

Holifield made his professional debut on December 6th, 2013 at Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino where he was victorious over Richard Quesada by way of unanimous decision. In early 2015, Holifield signed a contract with Mayweather Promotions and currently trains at the Mayweather Boxing Club under the guidance of Otis Pimpleton. His current record stands at 4-1-1 with 3 KO’s.

Holifield has experienced many ups and downs in recent years as he continues to pursue his dreams.  Having loss his dad in 2011, and his mom in early 2015, who both remain to be his inspiration, he stays motivated with the support of his family and determined to provide a better life for them.  When he’s not in gym, he spends as much time as he can with his wife and daughter.  If Holifield wasn’t chasing his dream of dominating in the boxing ring, he says he would be a football or boxing coach.

This sport is not a game for Holifield whose motto is to “Do you.” When facing his opponents inside the ring, Holifield has demonstrated nothing less than determination and strength.  Holifield says his keys to success are listening to his corner, protecting himself at all times, and following his instincts. With skill and determination, he strives to show the world what he’s capable of in the ring. A win means that anything is possible, and Holifield is looking forward to winning and achieving many possibilities.