Oluwafemi Oyeleye

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  • 1KO's

Oluwafemi “The Eagle” Oyeleye, also known as Femi to his peers, was born on October 21, 1994 in Lagos, Nigeria. He is the youngest of seven children, having 5 sisters and 1 brother. Femi’s childhood was rough, having to cope with being bullied in school, and unable to understand the reason for it. He would come home after school in distress. His family became very concerned for his safety, and his mother had enough so she decided that it was time for him to learn how to defend himself. With Femi’s father being a boxing coach, it was destined for him to take on the sport.


Femi was first introduced to boxing at the age of 5 at a stadium in Maiduguri, Borno state, when his mom insisted that his dad teach him how to box. The gym had no boxing ring, just punching bags, but this didn’t affect his willingness to pursue boxing. His father and Coach, Ojo Abayomi Oyeleye, taught his son all he could about the sport and helped build the young fighter’s confidence.


As an amateur, Femi competed in an impressive 166 fights, 159 wins with only 7 losses. In 2008, he competed in the Zonal Under 17 Junior National Championship and in 2009 he competed in the Under 18 National Junior Championship where he won gold medals for both competitions. He fought his first national competition, National Sports Festival ‘KADA Games 2009’ in Kaduna where he won a silver medal. Since then Femi hasn’t looked back. He continued striving and excelling in future competitions. Adding to his accolades, in 2013 and 2015 Femi became a gold medalist at the National Open Boxing Championships.


He competed for Team Nigeria in the 2015 All Africa Games in Congo Brazzaville where he defeated and won a gold medal against Cameroon’s Salif Msangou Njikam in the men’s 69 kg Welterweight final. He was ranked #10 in the world by Amateur International Boxing Federation (AIBF) for the success he garnered as an amateur. Femi faced his next challenge shortly after when he strived to obtain a spot on the boxing team at the Rio Olympics Boxing Trials that were held in Cameroon, but unfortunately, he did not qualify.


After a great run in the amateurs, Femi decided it was time for a change. In March 2016, he made the tough decision to leave his family behind and move to Los Angeles to pursue his boxing dream professionally. 2 months after his move to the states, Floyd Mayweather visited a gym where Femi was training, and made Femi an offer Femi to join the Mayweather Promotions’ stable. Since signing with Mayweather Promotions and turning pro, Femi holds a flawless record having four victories with one KO.


Femi continues to work toward his goal of becoming a world champion one day at a time, training in Van Nuys, CA at The Watson Gym with trainer Jerry Rosenberg. Looking back, Femi thanks his parents for getting him involved in the sport at such a young age. He believes boxing encouraged him to mature and helped him protect himself. Boxing has been a positive tool that has saved him by taking him off the streets, allowing him to overcome adversity, and motivating him to remain focused on his goals. With the support of his family back home in Nigeria, Femi works hard each day to build a legacy within the sport, that he hopes to one day be remembered for.