Saul “Neno” Rodriguez

  • 21Wins
  • 0Losses
  • 1Draws
  • 15KO's

Saul “Neno” Rodriguez was born on April 18, 1993 in South Central Los Angeles where he was raised, and later moved to Riverside California where he currently resides. “Neno” doubles as his alias, but is in fact his middle name. His parents wanted to name him Saulito after his father, but later decided Saul sounded better. The name “Neno” eventually stuck with him, becoming his alias, and the name he is most recognized by. Rodriguez is joined by one sister Katherine, and lives with both parents.

At age 5, Neno watched his first fight, Vargas vs. Trinidad. After being peeled to the screen, Neno instantly fell in love with the sport and begged his parents to box. Two short years later, his parents found the Riverside Boxing Academy and at 7 years old he began his journey. His parents took his interest in boxing as a temporary phase and threw him in the ring to spar with a kid who was a lot more experienced. He didn’t win and got beat pretty bad, but his spirit wasn’t defeated. This test only pushed his urge to fight even more and he began training with Andy Suarez (former trainer to Josesito Lopez) at the Riverside Boxing Academy.

His father took over the role of his trainer at 12 years old when his current trainer, Andy Suarez, passed away. His father was a former amateur boxer in Mexico who was a powerful puncher and Rodriguez believes that his father passed that trait on to him. With his father’s previous experiences and his current training, Rodriguez felt he was ready to reach his ultimate goal, to go pro. In 2011 Rodriguez began his professional career as he signed with Top Rank at 18 years old.

After 5 successful years under the belt of Top Rank promotions, Rodriguez became a free agent and began his search of his next biggest opportunity. He states that he has worked hard in his career in order to get where he is today. Continuously developing as a professional fighter, which comes with making the best choices that will benefit his career. He credits Floyd for having an open communication line with him. Rodriguez was always able to reach Floyd at any time and just ask him questions, get his feedback, no matter the time of day. Floyd had been present multiple times to watch him train, whether it was in Las Vegas, Miami, or Los Angeles. Floyd has always served as a mentor for Rodriguez and that built the trust between one another. Their relationship ultimately leads him to being signed onto the Mayweather Promotions stable on December 15, 2016.

Rodriguez is thrilled to have joined the Mayweather Promotions team and expresses his gratitude for being able to have the opportunity of being under the guidance of the best and ultimately taking his career to new heights. Rodriguez’s first fight with Mayweather Promotions took place on February 24, 2017 where he came out with the SD victory against opponent Oscar Bravo.

This junior lightweight prospect is currently ranked top in his division with an impressive record of 21-0-1 with 15 of his wins coming by way of KO. Rodriguez is a young, hungry fighter with eagerness to learn and has the patience and mental toughness to consistently improve his skill-set as a fighter to put on an explosive match.

Neno will continue his pursuit in the junior lightweight division in February 2018, and is preparing to display dominance and gain another victory as he steps into the ring on the Garcia vs. Rios undercard, February 17, 2018, at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.