Rock “Prince Rock” Dodler Myrthil

  • 17Wins
  • 0Losses
  • 0Draws
  • 13KO's

Rock Dodler Myrthil was born on March 19th, 1990 in Port au Prince, Haiti. He is the second born of four children, having an older brother and a younger brother and sister. As a middle class family in Haiti, they often struggled but were in a much better state than others in the country. Myrthil’s parents were determined to provide their children with a beautiful life, so they moved to the U.S. when Myrthil was 9. They made pit stops in New Jersey and Massachusetts, before deciding to call Florida home. 

As a child Myrthil would run and climb coconut and mango trees on his parent’s land in Haiti, play futbol and a makeshift version of basketball using square baskets for a hoop. Myrthil’s active childhood led to an interests in many sports during his secondary education in the United States like track & field, wrestling, tennis, and karate. After participating in karate, Myrthil transitioned to mixed martial arts at the Bull Dog Boxing gym where he was often told by onlookers who watched him train that he had impressive hand skills. At the age of 18, Myrthil decided to give boxing a try and he hasn’t looked back. 

The sport quickly took hold of Rock Myrthil’s life. After his high school graduation, Myrthil juggled collegiate studies and boxing training for two years before completing an associate’s degree in 2012, also making history as the first of his siblings to earn a college degree. Shortly after, Myrthil took a leap of faith and departed south Florida to pursue his dreams in Los Angeles. Jerome Buchanan, a close friend of Myrthil’s, convinced him that moving west would open his world to new possibilities, and an offer to train in the world renowned Wild Card Boxing Gym was already on the table. 

Myrthil utilized the knowledge and experience of the team around him to become a well-rounded, skillful fighter. He also trained with Freddy Roach whenever the opportunity presented itself. Myrthil went on to participate in 37 amateur fights, with 32 wins and 5 losses. As an amateur, he excelled in various state and national competitions including the Golden Gloves, Blue & Gold, and U.S. Olympic Trials in his four-year span in the amateur rankings. In fact, he competed against Mayweather Promotions’ own Richardson Hitchins on his pathway to the Olympic podium but suffered a unanimous decision loss. However, a can’t miss opportunity to spar with former world champion Shawn Porter occurred in May of 2015 ahead of his clash with Adrien Broner that gave Myrthil the idea he may be better suited for the pros. Myrthil used the four round sparring session as a chance to showcase his speed and pressuring style in the ring while also taking notes. It was on this day that Myrthil realized his style was more fit for the pros and decided to take his talents and style to the professional ranks.

On January 28, 2017, Myrthil made his pro debut in Tijuana, Mexico, ringing in the new year and professional career with a second round knockout victory. Myrthil picked up the first win of his career and followed it up with 15 more victories, the last of which led to his official signing with Mayweather Promotions. In his 16th pro fight, Myrthil’s performance round-after-round against Jonathan Steele caught the attention of Floyd Mayweather, who reached out by phone to offer advice and motivation, before later offering Myrthil a spot in the ever-growing MP stable. Myrthil had a successful promotional debut February 28, 2020, winning by unanimous decision over Johnny Rodriguez. He currently holds a professional record of 17-0 with 13 KO’s that has been guided by head trainer Kenny Whack of the Buddy McGirt Boxing Gym in the California valley.

When he’s not under the bright lights, Rock Myrthil is busy building his legacy. Boxing has taught him to be strong, key elements of a successful business, have encouraged him to visualize the future, and work towards your goals daily. Myrthil’s biggest inspiration is his father who has shown him to keep striving for the best life has to offer. Don’t expect Myrthil to slow down, he’s going full speed ahead with his foot on the gas pedal, ready to show the world that he’s ready to crush his goals and grab every belt in the division.