Larry Wade Exudes Confidence about Rolly Romero’s Training Camp

Larry Wade Exudes Confidence about Rolly Romero’s Training Camp 

As Romero Prepares to Challenge Tank Davis for His WBA Lightweight Title on May 28th 

Everyone seems to agree that the upcoming Davis v. Romero title fight on May 28th won’t go the distance. 

Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, couldn’t have been more clear when he stated, “I guarantee you this fight will end in a knock-out.”

Tank Davis is the heavy favorite in this match-up of undefeated power punchers – Davis (26-0-0, 24 KOs) and Romero (14-0-0, 12 KOs). 

But Larry Wade, Romero’s strength and conditioning coach, thinks otherwise. He backs up Romero who claims, “I’m going to knock Tank out.”

Wade has been working with Romero for the last two years and says that their time together has been building up to this moment.

“The base work is there – the foundation is there. All we have to do now is tweak the small things, let him get stronger and faster, and let fight night come.”

Wade revealed that Romero has had a headstart on his training camp for the fight.

“Rolly didn’t just start training. Rolly’s been training with me at least for three months. So we’re doing great, and all we have to do now is stay focused, and go into the ring and do what he does.”

Wade broke it down to us why Romero has good reason to be confident heading into fight night.

“This is how it works – it’s three C’s – commit to whatever it is you’re doing first, then you’re consistent with that, and through consistency is how you develop courage.”

“That’s where you see the confidence from, he’s put in the work! When you put in the work, why wouldn’t you be confident?”

Wade also appreciates Rolly’s upbeat attitude and fun personality. 

“Rolly being a crazy personality makes it fun and exciting. You just never know what he’s going to say; you never know what he’s going to do.”

“But I respect him because when it’s time to go to work, he goes to work – he gets done what needs to get done.”

This is definitely a fight that is not to be missed!  Wade promises, “It’s definitely going to be fireworks! I’m going to be there – make sure you be there.” 

At present, Romero is the number one contender in the rankings in this weight class under Davis. Davis won the WBA Lightweight title in December 2019 when he defeated Yuriorkis Gamboa in Atlanta. Davis then defended it in October 2020 when he knocked out Leo Santa Cruz in San Antonio.

Larry Wade is convinced that Rolly Romero has good reason to be confident. What’s your confidence level on this match-up? 

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