Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto Generated Massive Spikes in Google

Written by Leroy Cleveland at FIGHTSAGA.com


Is boxing losing its luster?


According to the revenue generated for the jr middleweight title bout between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto last month and analytics data from Google for the same event, the answer is a resounding ‘No.’

Google Insights, which provides a representation of regional and international interests based on user searches for the world’s largest search engine, released data that would be reassuring for any boxer, boxing promoter and hardcore fan.

For the month of May 2012, the queries ‘mayweather vs cotto’ and ‘mayweather’ represented the third and fourth highest trending sports searches in Google worldwide.

And in the United States, interest in the bout was even stronger. In the same time period, three of nation’s top ten trending sports-related queries were related to last month’s Floyd Mayweather – Miguel Cotto superfight. Moreover, each of three queries trended higher than search terms for any NBA player or team during the basketball playoffs in May.

The Mayweather vs Cotto fight card, which generated 1.5 million pay-per-view (PPV) buys and a whopping $94 Million USD, was seemingly an all-around success. In the end, Floyd Mayweather lifted the WBA Jr Middleweight title from a very determined Miguel Cotto in an action-packed bout.

In 2011, Mayweather took part in Google’s most searched sports event for the entire year in the United States, ‘mayweather vs ortiz.’ And Floyd’s nemesis, Manny Pacquiao, was Google’s most queried athlete in the United States during the same period.


Terms Surpassing Mayweather vs Cotto Searches
May’s highest trending query internationally and in the United States, ‘Junior Seau,’ was generated by users seeking details about the shocking apparent suicide of the former NFL football superstar on May 2nd. And internationally, the term ‘roland garros’ finished second.

Known to many as The French Open, the Roland Garros tennis event is the premier clay court tennis tournament in the world, one of the sport’s four annual Grand Slam tournaments and one of the most watched events worldwide. Its participants included Rafael Nadal, currently the world’s top male tennis player, and the always-intriguing Maria Sharapova.

The query ‘hatfields and mccoys,’ cited as the No. 2 sports query in the United States, is believed to be an error. The TV series Hatfields & McCoys, which aired on a US cable station last month, was a highly-promoted drama about famous feuding families of the same name in the United States from 1863-1891.