Las Vegas, NV (April 11) – Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez and Sugar Shane Mosley are deep in training for their respective May 5 bouts taking place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas which will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View®. For Mayweather, being back in the gym feels just right as he trains at the Mayweather Boxing Club surrounded by familiar faces and teammates while Cotto is honing his skills at his camp in Orlando, Fl. for the second time.  Meanwhile, at an altitude of 7,000 feet, California’s Big Bear Lake is playing host to both Caneloand Mosleywho are readying themselves to face off in the co-main event.  While each of their training camp experiences are different, there is one common theme – Mayweather, Cotto, Canelo and Mosley are intensely focused on their approaching May 5 bouts. 



Floyd Mayweather -Hard Work, Dedication…No Matter What


With less than four weeks until fight night,Floyd Mayweatheris feeling excellent. Mayweather’s training began immediately following the three-city fight announcement press tour,which ended in Los Angeles on March 1 and he hasn’t stopped fm1since.It has been just seven months since he defeated Victor Ortiz and the short time between fights is better for the undefeated star, although he never really takes time off from the gym.Mayweather believes that brief gaps between fights are beneficialas they help him to stay in true fighting shape while keeping his skills sharp.


“It feels good to be fighting again,” said Mayweather.  “I am getting great work from my sparring partners and the energy in the gym is perfect for training hard every day.  I am aware of Miguel Cotto’s record and fm2success.  I am not taking him lightly.  I am working hard to get ready for the fight on May 5.”   


During camp, Mayweather gets to the gym around four o’clock in the afternoon and works non-stop until he departs at seven o’clock in the evening. He likes to mix up his training sessions with the heavy bag, speed bag, body work and jumping rope to go along with is sparring sessions. The one aspect that never changes is his hard work and dedication during every workout. Along with his gym training, Mayweather loves to hit the pavement and go for distance runswhenever the mood strikes whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night.


Mayweather will be fighting Cotto at 154 pounds, a weight that some believe may pose a problem for the seven-time world champion.  However, Mayweather is not worried stating, “My body feels great.  I always fight around the weight I carry when I am not fighting. Now I can just work harder to feel stronger and more comfortable at 154 pounds.  I haven’t had to adjust that much because my body has always just kind of found its comfort zone and that’s where I fight.  I have been given a special gift with my weight.  I have never had to worry aboutit other than to get in the best shape possible for all of my fights.”


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Miguel Cotto – Shining in Orlando

Training in Florida is nothing new for Miguel Cotto.  The Puerto Rican star has prepared for cotto1numerous fights in the sunshine state with this camp being his second in Orlando.

“Training is going great,” said Cotto.  “I am having fun and enjoying it more than ever. I love it here and I feel at home.  I have the same focus and mentality to obtain a victory as I did when camp started.  [Trainer] Pedro [Diaz] is a magnificent strategist.”

Cotto has kept the same company in his camp over the last few years, including his mother, who cooks for Team Cotto. 

“I have the same diet as always,” continued Cotto.  “My mother is with me, so you can imagine how well I am eating.”

When he isn’t in the gym, Cottospends his free time playing video? games, cooking and spending time with his team and family. There are also two new additions to Team Cotto, French Bulldogs named cotto2Tonka and Tika.

While Cotto’s team helps motivate him in and out of the gym, he credits his father, Miguel Cotto Sr., as his biggest inspiration to work hard and win on May 5.

“The memory of my father is the biggest motivation inmy life,” said Cotto.  “I feel more motivated at this point than any other in my career.  I feel more motivated to beat Mayweather than I did when I was training for my first world title.”

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Canelo Alvarez -Big Star in Big Bear


mosley1WBC Super Welterweight World Champion Canelo Alvarezis once again training inBig Bear Lake, Calif. While this is only his second time training on top of the mountain, he is comfortable there.  He finds the surroundings to be a perfect place to get his mind and body prepared. Canelo admits that training at the increased altitude affected him when he begantraining a couple of weeks ago, but that now that his body has adjusted; he feels nonegative effects.


Big Bear is a far cry from Canelo’s Guadalajara, Mexicohome, but he is happy to be surrounded by his team including co-trainers Chepoand Eddie Reynoso.  To pass their spare time in camp,they play billiards, watch movies, study film and rest as much as possible. 


Canelo understands the importance of his match-up againstMosley and admits that without a doubt this will be the most dangerous opponent he has faced.


“Besides experience and knowledge of the sport, Mosley is a celebratedfighter and a future Hall of Famer,” said Canelo.  “I admire Mosley, and it is a privilege to face him in the ring, however, on May 5, I will be ready.”


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Sugar Shane Mosley- Home Away From Home


Whereas Canelo has just recently discovered the benefits of training in Big Bear, Sugar Shane Mosley considers the mountain enclave his second home.  The six-time world champion has not only trained atop the mountain for almost two decades, he has owneda house there since 1996.  alvarez1


“It’s the best place for me to find focus and peace of mind,” Mosley said of his training camp.  “The mixture of clean mountain air combined with the benefits of high altitude training along with the support of the local community here, it just can’t be beat.”


During his down time,Mosley likes to go to the movies, spend time with his son, Shane Jr. and bowl. Mosley has been a fixture at the Bowling Barn in Big Bear for nearly three years. He said, “It is a release for me, a great place to relax and spend time with the local [community].”


Looking ahead to fight night,Mosley says that he feels great and is in tremendous shape.


“There is a lot to be said about being 100 percent healthy leading up to a fight,” said Mosley.  “Come May 5, I will be ready.  I am sticking to my game plan and using the doubters and naysayers that are out there as my motivation to work hard.”